Proactiv Contact Number: 0808 161 1771

You can get in touch with Proactiv by calling the contact number of their UK customer service department 0808 161 1771 to cancel your subscription to their anti-acne skin care products or to make a one-off purchase over the phone.


Profile of Proactiv Skincare

Proactiv is a brand of skin-care products that sells moisturisers, hair care products but is perhaps best known for its anti-acne kit. The kit comes with a cleanser, toner and lotion and is regarded as one of the most successful skincare sets for customers who are looking to get clear skin. Adding to Proactiv’s success is that the product is sold online as part of a subscription service, meaning that customers are sent a three-month supply, which will automatically renew unless cancelled.


UK Customer Services – 0808 161 1771

Phone Proactiv on their freephone customer service contact number 0808 161 1771 to report any concerns regarding a product with a skincare advisor. For instance, you should get in touch with Proactiv if you have suffered any rashes or skin irritation following the use of one of their cleansers or lotions. Moreover, if you are a new customer then you should ask for advice on which particular product is best suited for your skin type. Furthermore, if you would like to sign up to the clear skin plan they you should ask what to expect from Proactiv before asking for advice on how best to apply the anti-acne products.

A Proactiv customer service representative will be able to detail the ingredients in any of their products to ensure that you are not allergic to their beauty creams or exfoliators. Alternatively, you should contact a skin care advisor to cancel a subscription to their Proactiv anti-acne kits as you will otherwise be charged for a further three month supply under an automatic-renewal payment arrangement. By this token, you should call the customer service team to register a complaint regarding a direct debit that has been taken out of your account following a cancelled subscription. Similarly, the UK Proactiv department is useful for customers who would like to claim a refund on any unopened and unwanted products.


Proactiv Call Costs and Opening Times

The UK customer service department uses a freephone contact number meaning that all calls from landlines and mobiles will be completely free of charge. Furthermore, Proactiv is available to take calls during the opening times of 8am-7pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday with lines closed on Sundays and UK bank holidays.


Email a UK Customer Service Representative

Dissatisfied customers should send a complaint email along with note of their order number and any photo evidence of a faulty product they have received to the following address: